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SDM Marketing Company manufactured and sold their first “Rackhose-Cover” over 25 years ago. The primary function for the covers is to simplify the tanker truck driver’s ability to visually identify petroleum products per each loading arm swiftly.  In addition, they prevent unsightly scuffs to the costly tank logos and protects drivers from possible injuries caused by protruding wires on hoses.

SDM Marketing Company currently supplies “Rackhose-Covers” to all the major oil companies within the United States, as well as many other countries.  SDM Marketing Company is also the preferred choice of the major loading arm manufactures.

“Rackhose-Covers” are available in all API-1637 and CPPI color-codes; along with other color options and multiple color code combinations. Each cover is custom made to fit over Composite, Metal Flex or Rubber style hose, as well as pipe.  Other lengths and widths are available at the customer’s request.

We offer lettering to identify the fuel products being transferred, in addition to company logos.

“Rackhose-Covers” are easily applied by using a heavy duty marine grade nylon or brass zipper closer, along with a slip-resistant tightening strap at the top of the cover. “Rackhose-Covers” are easy to maintain and keeps your terminal looking clean and worker friendly.